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American Vampire (v01-v07)(2010-2015) (digital-Empire)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Plot Summary : There is such a thing as vampire evolution. As the curse is inflicted upon new peoples of new lands, new bloodlines of vampires rise with their own unique characteristics and abilities. In the 1880s, the sadistic outlaw Skinner Sweet becomes the first American Vampire. He wars against other vampires and humans alike throughout American history and only intentionally sires one other of his kind, Pearl Jones who Sweet turns into a vampire in the 1920s.

The series would later jump to a few years later to the mid 30s, and focus on a young Las Vegas police officer by the name of Cashel McCogan (who would later co-star in American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest) as he is thrust into the war that Skinner Sweet waged against the ancient vampire species. Cash would eventually join the Vassals of the Morning Star, a vampire hunting organization after Sweet infects his unborn son, Gus, with his vampiric blood.

The series would then jump forward to the 40s, once again focusing on Pearl Jones' story, more specifically that of her human husband Henry Preston, who due to his age is denied entry to serve on the front lines in Japan during WWII, but joins the Vassals of the Morning Star on a secret mission to investigate Japanese experimentation with the vampire species. Unbeknownst to all but Henry, who plays dumb to the subject, Skinner Sweet is able to infiltrate the Vassals unit in which Henry serves. The arc eventually leads to a fight to the death between Pearl and Skinner, with some surprising revelations.

Following a short arc detailing Skinner Sweet's past before turning into a Vampire, the series' main story will jump into the 1950s, and follow a young vampire hunter by the name of Travis Kidd, who uses a set of wooden fangs to "bite back" the vampires. After Kidd's stories, the book stays in the 1950s, transition back to Pearl, where she joins the VMS and Skinner Sweet to kill hidden vampire covens within Hollywood. This arc, titled "The Blacklist" would change the dynamic of the entire series moving forward.

Size : 2.54 GB

American Vampire v01 (2010) (digital) (X-MAS_2013-Empire).cbr 354.92 MB
American Vampire v02 (2011) (digital) (X-MAS_2013-Empire).cbr 336.31 MB
American Vampire v03 (2012) (digital) (X-MAS 2013-Empire).cbr 560.93 MB
American Vampire v04 (2012) (digital) (X-MAS 2013-Empire).cbr 433.28 MB
American Vampire v05 (2013) (digital) (X-MAS 2013-Empire).cbr 557.19 MB
American Vampire v06 (2014) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr 189.64 MB
American Vampire v07 (2015) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr 165.34 MB

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