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America's Got Powers (001-007+TPB) (2012-2014) (digital-Empire)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : Welcome to AMERICA'S GOT POWERS! It's the biggest TV show on Earth, where the chance to win fame, fortune and get laid are dangled in front of a generation of super-powered teens. All they have to do is WIN. Who is the fastest, the strongest or the greatest? Who survives? Young Tommy Watt's dreams of being the greatest hero of them all might just be shattered when the greatest show on the planet begins to reveal it's dark heart.

18 years ago, a strange crystal touched down in San Francisco and every pregnant woman in the area gave birth. These were no ordinary children, though, as each but one was gifted an extraordinary power. Used by society for entertainment, these special children live in a form of slavery with no rights, except the ability to compete in the Games. Growing up powerless, Tommy Watts is the only one of these children not to have any special gifts, but when he accidentally steps into the arena it might just be down to him to save the world.

Size : 397.1 MB + 414.28 MB (TPB)

America's Got Powers 01 (of 6) (2012) (D1920) (K6DVR-Empire).cbr 76.61 MB
America's Got Powers 02 (of 6) (2012) (D1920) (K6DVR-Empire).cbr 47.74 MB
America's Got Powers 03 (of 6) (2012) (D1920) (K6DVR-Empire).cbr 62.57 MB
America's Got Powers 04 (of 6) (2012) (D1920) (K6DVR-Empire).cbr 55.36 MB
America's Got Powers 05 (of 6) (2013) (D1920) (K6DVR-Empire).cbr 61.33 MB
America's Got Powers 06 (of 7) (2013) (Digital) (K6-Empire).cbr 45.32 MB
America's Got Powers 07 (of 7) (2013) (Digital) (K6-Empire).cbr 48.17 MB

America's Got Powers (2014) (Digital) (DR & Quinch-Empire).cbr 414.28 MB

Download Link :'s_Got_Powers_01_(of_6)_(2012)_(D1920)_(K6DVR-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_02_(of_6)_(2012)_(D1920)_(K6DVR-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_03_(of_6)_(2012)_(D1920)_(K6DVR-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_04_(of_6)_(2012)_(D1920)_(K6DVR-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_05_(of_6)_(2013)_(D1920)_(K6DVR-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_06_(of_7)_(2013)_(Digital)_(K6-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_07_(of_7)_(2013)_(Digital)_(K6-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_01_(of_6)_(2012)_(D1920)_(K6DVR-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_02_(of_6)_(2012)_(D1920)_(K6DVR-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_03_(of_6)_(2012)_(D1920)_(K6DVR-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_04_(of_6)_(2012)_(D1920)_(K6DVR-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_05_(of_6)_(2013)_(D1920)_(K6DVR-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_06_(of_7)_(2013)_(Digital)_(K6-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_07_(of_7)_(2013)_(Digital)_(K6-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_(2014)_(Digital)_(DR_&_Quinch-Empire).cbr's_Got_Powers_(2014)_(Digital)_(DR_&_Quinch-Empire).cbr
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