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City of Tomorrow (001-006) (of 06) (2005) (Resin-DCP)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : City of Tomorrow 01: Howard Chaykin (LEGEND, MIGHTY LOVE, American Flagg) writes and illustrates CITY OF TOMORROW, an imaginative new 6-issue miniseries telling the story of Columbia, a planned utopian community of the future! Created a decade ago by renegade billionaire Eli Foyle, the artificial island off the California coast offered winners of a citizenship lottery the chance at a brighter tomorrow and a crime-free world. Life in Columbia was a dream...for a while. At first, the problems seemed to be no big deal, until it became clear that a virus was affecting the municipal employees of Columbia...all of whom are actually bio-animatronic robots. Now these robots have gone from civil servants to criminal masterminds, and they've turned Columbia from an idyllic community into a hellhole of crime and urban blight! Now Foyle's 28-year-old son Tucker has returned to Columbia fresh from the Navy SEALs, and with the help of his father and a posse of concerned Columbia citizens will begin the slow process of taking back the night. But is he too late?

Size : 61.4 MB

City of Tomorrow 01 (2005) (Resin-DCP).cbr 8.71 MB
City of Tomorrow 02 (2005) (Resin-DCP).cbr 9.66 MB
City of Tomorrow 03 (2005) (Resin-DCP).cbr 10.12 MB
City of Tomorrow 04 (2005) (Resin-DCP).cbr 10.37 MB
City of Tomorrow 05 (2005) (Resin-DCP).cbr 9.31 MB
City of Tomorrow 06 (2005) (Resin-DCP).cbr 13.22 MB

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