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Black Panther TPBs (v01-v08) (2006-2009) (digital) (Minutemen-Faessla)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : Black Panther vol. 01: Deep in the heart of Africa is Wakanda, a technologically advanced civilization of great power and mystery. During the last ten centuries, Wakanda has stood alone as an unconquerable land inhabited by undefeatable warriors. Governing this nation is a lineage of warrior-kings possessing enchanced speed, stenght and agility. Today, T'Challa is the latest in this famed family line, the great hero known worldwide as the Black Panther.

Now, outsides are once more assemling to invade Wakanda and plunder its riches. Leading this brutal assault is Klaw, a deadly assassin with the blood of T'Challa's murdered father on his hands, who brings with a powerful army of super-powered mercernaries. Even with Wakanda's might and his own superhuman skills, can the Black Panther prevail against such a massive invading force?

Hollywood heavyweight Reginald Hudlin (House Party, Boomerang) and fan-favorite artist John Romita Jr. (Wolerine, Amzing Spider-Man) team up to deliver a taut, politcally charged thriller Ain't It Cool New has lauded as "better than watching a really great hour-long television drama."

Size : 1.28 GB

Black Panther vol. 01 - Who is Black Panther (2006) (digital TPB) (Minutemen-Faessla).cbz 167.96 MB
Black Panther vol. 02 - Bad Mutha (2006) (digital TPB) (Minutemen-Faessla).cbz 151.89 MB
Black Panther vol. 03 - The Bride (2006) (digital TPB) (Minutemen-Faessla).cbz 169.11 MB
Black Panther vol. 04 - Civil War (2007) (digital TPB) (Minutemen-Faessla).cbz 199.45 MB
Black Panther vol. 05 - Four the Hard Way (2007) (digital TPB) (Minutemen-Faessla).cbz 171.78 MB
Black Panther vol. 06 - Little Green Men (2008) (digital TPB) (Minutemen-Faessla).cbz 153.04 MB
Black Panther vol. 07 - Back to Africa (2008) (digital TPB) (Minutemen-Faessla).cbz 209.99 MB
Black Panther vol. 08 - Secret Invasion (2009) (digital TPB) (Minutemen-Faessla).cbz 90.38 MB

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