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Rogue Trooper Collected from 2000AD (+Color Reprints & Extras) (1981-2009)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Size : 2.94 GB

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Rogue Trooper Collected from 2000AD
2000AD 0228-Rogue Trooper (Colour).cbr 17.1 MB
2000AD 0228-Rogue Trooper.cbr 2.7 MB
2000AD 0229-Rogue Trooper-Nu Paree.cbr 2.2 MB
2000AD 0230-Rogue Trooper-Glass Zone.cbr 1.9 MB
2000AD 0231-Rogue Trooper-Clash in Doomsday Valley.cbr 1.6 MB
2000AD 0232-Rogue Trooper-Terror of the Decapitators.cbr 1.5 MB
2000AD 0234-Rogue Trooper-Raiders.cbr 1.6 MB
2000AD 0235-Rogue Trooper-Scum Sea.cbr 1.8 MB
2000AD 0236-0238-Rogue Trooper-Ascent to Buzzard-Three.cbr 7.1 MB
2000AD 0239-0240-Rogue Trooper-The Rookies.cbr 5.6 MB
2000AD 0241-Rogue Trooper-Blue Moon.cbr 3.8 MB
2000AD 0242-0243-Rogue Trooper-Poison.cbr 5.1 MB
2000AD 0246-0248-Rogue Trooper-Fear of the Machine.cbr 4.2 MB
2000AD 0249-0250-Rogue Trooper-The Dreamweavers.cbr 3.0 MB
2000AD 0251-0253-Rogue Trooper-The Buzzard.cbr 4.5 MB
2000AD 0254-0257-Rogue Trooper-The Petrified Forest.cbr 6.0 MB
2000AD 0258-Rogue Trooper-War of Nerves.cbr 1.5 MB
2000AD 0260-0262-Rogue Trooper-Bagman Blues.cbr 5.4 MB
2000AD 0265-Rogue Trooper-The Body Looters.cbr 1.7 MB
2000AD 0266-0277-Rogue Trooper-All Hell on the Dix-I Front.cbr 17.2 MB
2000AD 0266b (2000ad Sci-Fi Special 1982)-Rogue Trooper-Milli-Way Sixty-Six.cbr 2.2 MB
2000AD 0275b (2000AD Annual 1983)-Rogue Trooper-Pray for War (JDMeg. Reprint).cbr 3.4 MB
2000AD 0275b (2000AD Annual 1983)-Rogue Trooper-Pray for War.cbr 1.5 MB
2000AD 0278-0279-Rogue Trooper-Assassination Run.cbr 4.6 MB
2000AD 0280-0281-Rogue Trooper-Hats Off to Helm.cbr 2.5 MB
2000AD 0282-0289-Rogue Trooper-Marauders.cbr 16.1 MB
2000AD 0290b-Rogue Trooper-Fort Neuro Prologue.cbr 1.8 MB
2000AD 0291-0301 & 0303-0310-Rogue Trooper-Fort Neuro.cbr 40.8 MB
2000AD 0311-Rogue Trooper-Major Magnum Prologue.cbr 1.0 MB
2000AD 0312-0315-Rogue Trooper-Major Magnum.cbr 6.2 MB
2000AD 0316-Rogue Trooper-Bigfoot.cbr 1002.3 kB
2000AD 0317-Rogue Trooper-Bio-Wire.cbr 4.0 MB
2000AD 0318-0322-Rogue Trooper-Mill-Com Memories.cbr 8.7 MB
2000AD 0318b (2000ad Sci-Fi Special 1983)-Rogue Trooper-Warheads.cbr 4.4 MB
2000AD 0323-0326-Rogue Trooper-Vid-Vultures.cbr 5.8 MB
2000AD 0327-0332-Rogue Trooper-Eye of the Traitor.cbr 13.3 MB
2000AD 0327b (2000AD Annual 1984)-Rogue Trooper-First of the Few (R).cbr 3.0 MB
2000AD 0327b (2000AD Annual 1984)-Rogue Trooper-First of the few.cbr 4.2 MB
2000AD 0333-0334-Rogue Trooper-The Frisco Phog.cbr 3.8 MB
2000AD 0335-0340-Rogue Trooper-From Hell to Eternity.cbr 6.8 MB
2000AD 0341-0342-Rogue Trooper-Mega-Minefield.cbr 3.4 MB
2000AD 0343-0347-Rogue Trooper-Gasbah.cbr 10.6 MB
2000AD 0348-0349-Rogue Trooper-Timeslip.cbr 5.2 MB
2000AD 0350-0355-Rogue Trooper-Colonel Kovert.cbr 13.1 MB
2000AD 0358-0368-Rogue Trooper-You Only Die Twice.cbr 20.2 MB
2000AD 0369-0377-Rogue Trooper-Message from Milli-Com.cbr 17.8 MB
2000AD 0370b (Sci-Fi Special 1984)-Rogue Trooper-Portrait of a Rebel.cbr 3.8 MB
2000AD 0376b (2000AD Annual 1985)-Rogue Trooper-Ode to a G.I.cbr 591.5 kB
2000AD 0376c (2000AD Annual 1985)-Rogue Trooper-The War of Words.cbr 6.0 MB
2000AD 0378-Rogue Trooper-Just Routine.cbr 2.8 MB
2000AD 0379-0380-Rogue Trooper-Blind Terror.cbr 6.1 MB
2000AD 0381-0383-Rogue Trooper-Death Valley.cbr 5.5 MB
2000AD 0384-0386-Rogue Trooper-M For Murder.cbr 3.8 MB
2000AD 0387-0392-Rogue Trooper-To the Ends of Nu Earth.cbr 9.7 MB
2000AD 0401-0406-Rogue Trooper-Re-Gene.cbr 16.6 MB
2000AD 0410-0419-Rogue Trooper-Return of-Rogue Trooper.cbr 20.5 MB
2000AD 0420b (Sci-Fi Special 1985)-Rogue Trooper-On The-Rogue Again (Text).cbr 3.6 MB
2000AD 0422-0432-Rogue Trooper-Antigen of Horst.cbr 24.4 MB
2000AD 0433b (2000AD Annual 1986)-Rogue Trooper-Untitled.cbr 3.7 MB
2000AD 0444-0449-Rogue Trooper-Return to Milli-Com.cbr 14.5 MB
2000AD 0472b (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1986)-Rogue Trooper-The Fanatics.cbr 1.6 MB
2000AD 0485b (2000AD Annual 1987)-Rogue Trooper-Nort by Nortwest.cbr 3.5 MB
2000AD 0495-0499-Rogue Trooper-The Hit Man.cbr 10.1 MB
2000AD 0520-0531-Rogue Trooper-Hit 1.cbr 24.4 MB
2000AD 0567-Rogue Trooper-The Legend.cbr 871.7 kB
2000AD 0568-0572-Rogue Trooper-Hit 2.cbr 10.5 MB
2000AD 0574-0575-Rogue Trooper-Hit 3.cbr 4.7 MB
2000AD 0575b (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1988) Venus Bluejenes-The Pleasures of the Flesh.cbr 2.1 MB
2000AD 0589-Rogue Trooper-Through the Eyes of a Gun.cbr 2.6 MB
2000AD 0598-0603-Rogue Trooper-Hit 4.cbr 15.4 MB
2000AD 0624-0635-Rogue Trooper-Cinnabar (R).cbr 25.7 MB
2000AD 0624-0635-Rogue Trooper-Cinnabar.cbr 18.6 MB
2000AD 0649 The War Machine-Correction!.cbr 275.6 kB
2000AD 0650-0687-Rogue Trooper-The War Machine (Incorrect Pages-Printing Error) zzzzzzzzz.cbr 33.8 MB
2000AD 0650-0687-Rogue Trooper-The War Machine (R-Correct Pages).cbr 12.4 MB
2000AD 0650b (2000AD Winter Special 1989)-Rogue Trooper-The Hit.cbr 9.7 MB
2000AD 0694b (2000AD Annual 1991)-Rogue Trooper-Gasbah.cbr 12.8 MB
2000AD 0702a (Rogue Trooper Annual 1991)-Rogue Trooper-Decoys.cbr 3.5 MB
2000AD 0702b (Rogue Annual 1991) Blast First-A History of The-Rogue Trooper.cbr 2.0 MB
2000AD 0702c (Rogue Annual 1991) Old-Rogue-New-Rogue (Fact Files).cbr 571.5 kB
2000AD 0702d (Rogue Annual 1991)-Rogue Trooper-Maching As To War.cbr 3.1 MB
2000AD 0702e (Rogue Annual 1991)-Rogue Trooper-The Undeath Project.cbr 8.5 MB
2000AD 0702f (Rogue Annual 1991)-Rogue Trooper-Bio-Death.cbr 3.6 MB
2000AD 0702g (Rogue Annual 1991)-Rogue Trooper-Circus Daze.cbr 3.6 MB
2000AD 0712-0723-Rogue Trooper-Golden Fox Rebellion.cbr 54.4 MB
2000AD 0730-0741-Rogue Trooper-Saharan Ice Belt War.cbr 29.7 MB
2000AD 0737b (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1991)-Rogue Trooper-Hollow Town (R).cbr 1.6 MB
2000AD 0737b (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1991)-Rogue Trooper-Hollow Town.cbr 2.7 MB
2000AD 0746b (2000AD Yearbook 1992)-Rogue Trooper-The Arena of Long Knives.cbr 5.2 MB
2000AD 0780-0791-Rogue Trooper-Apocalypse Dreadnought.cbr 58.7 MB
2000AD 0785b (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1992)-Rogue Trooper-Untitled.cbr 5.6 MB
2000AD 0798b (2000AD Yearbook 1993)-Rogue Trooper-Enfleshings (R).cbr 1.7 MB
2000AD 0850-0851-Rogue Trooper-Scavenger of Souls Prologue.cbr 7.7 MB
2000AD 0868b (Rogue Trooper Poster Prog 1)-Rogue Trooper-Hill 392 (JDMeg Reprint).cbr 1.4 MB
2000AD 0868b (Rogue Trooper Poster Prog 1)-Rogue Trooper-Hill 392.cbr 12.5 MB
2000AD 0873-0880-Rogue Trooper-Scavenger of Souls.cbr 33.6 MB
2000AD 0889-0891-Rogue Trooper-Mercy Killing.cbr 13.7 MB
2000AD 0889b (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1994)-Rogue Trooper-Some Mother's Son.cbr 5.2 MB
2000AD 0896-0899-Rogue Trooper-Mercenary Attitudes.cbr 14.3 MB
2000AD 0900 Judge Dredd-Casualties Of War (Feat.-Rogue Trooper.cbr 10.7 MB
2000AD 0901-0903-Rogue Trooper-G.I. Blues (JDMeg Reprint).cbr 4.1 MB
2000AD 0901-0903-Rogue Trooper-G.I. Blues.cbr 20.1 MB
2000AD 0928-0931-Rogue Trooper-Blue on Blue (Feat.-Rogue Trooper).cbr 12.5 MB
2000AD 0937-0939-Rogue Trooper-Mind Bombs.cbr 8.8 MB
2000AD 0946-0949-Rogue Trooper-Ascent.cbr 13.9 MB
2000AD 0950-0952-Rogue Trooper-Angels.cbr 7.2 MB
2000AD 0964-0966-Rogue Trooper-Descent.cbr 10.7 MB
2000AD 0967-0970-Rogue Trooper-Combat Rocks.cbr 13.1 MB
2000AD 0976-0979 Venus Bluegenes-Venus on the Frag Shell.cbr 11.9 MB
2000AD 0980-0982 Venus Bluegenes-Stealth.cbr 8.0 MB
2000AD 0983-0986-Rogue Trooper-Hot Metal.cbr 10.7 MB
2000AD 0987-0989-Rogue Trooper-Street Fighting Man.cbr 8.9 MB
2000AD 0994b (RT Action Special 1996)-Rogue Trooper-Gaia.cbr 35.1 MB
2000AD 0994c (RT Action Special 1996)-Rogue Trooper-Shakedown.cbr 37.7 MB
2000AD 0994d (RT Action Special 1996) Venus Bluegenes-Genesis.cbr 16.4 MB
2000AD 0994e (RT Action Special 1996) Extras.cbr 29.8 MB
2000AD 1007-1009-Rogue Trooper-Collateral.cbr 10.1 MB
2000AD 1010-1013-Rogue Trooper-Rogue Alone.cbr 18.7 MB
2000AD 1014-1022-Rogue Trooper-Rogue Troopers.cbr 40.3 MB
2000AD 1033-1047 Mercy Heights (Book 1).cbr 54.3 MB
2000AD 1124 Mercy Heights-Dead of Winter.cbr 10.1 MB
2000AD 1133-1137 & 1139-1148 Mercy Heights (Book 2).cbr 55.4 MB
2000AD 1173b (2000)-Rogue Trooper-Remembrance Day.cbr 4.8 MB
2000AD 1223-1226-Tor Cyan-Blue Murder.cbr 8.7 MB
2000AD 1250-1251-Tor Cyan-Crucible (Feat.-Rogue Trooper).cbr 4.7 MB
2000AD 1252-1253-Tor Cyan-Refugee.cbr 5.5 MB
2000AD 1254-1256-Tor Cyan-World Of Hurt.cbr 8.2 MB
2000AD 1263-Tor Cyan-The Dead Sorceror's Coachman.cbr 2.9 MB
2000AD 1295-Tor Cyan-Rahab.cbr 6.0 MB
2000AD 1296-Tor Cyan-Phage.cbr 2.9 MB
2000AD 1297-1299-Tor Cyan-No Such Place (Feat.-Rogue Trooper).cbr 9.5 MB
2000AD 1301-1304-Rogue Trooper (Original)-What lies beneath.cbr 14.5 MB
2000AD 1305-Rogue Trooper-Weapons of War.cbr 2.8 MB
2000AD 1306-1307-Rogue Trooper-Overkill.cbr 7.6 MB
2000AD 1308-1309-Rogue Trooper-Lions.cbr 7.1 MB
2000AD 1310-1311-Rogue Trooper-A Visit to the Boneyard.cbr 7.9 MB
2000AD 1312-Rogue Trooper-Requiem.cbr 3.0 MB
2000AD 1321b-Rogue Trooper-Angels (2003).cbr 3.1 MB
2000AD 1344-1349-Rogue Trooper-Ghouls.cbr 20.6 MB
2000AD 1380-1385-Rogue Trooper-Realpolitik.cbr 8.1 MB
2000AD 1462-1464 Legends of the-Rogue Trooper-Condor Six Down.cbr 9.0 MB
2000AD 1463b-2000AD Winter Special 2005 -Rogue Trooper-Survival Lesson.cbr 4.0 MB
2000AD 1477-1479-Rogue Trooper-New Model Army.cbr 8.4 MB
2000AD 1480-1485 The 86er's-Touchdown.cbr 14.6 MB
2000AD 1485b (JDMeg. 244) The History of-Rogue Trooper-The-Rogue Element.cbr 3.5 MB
2000AD 1508-1510 The 86er's-Interference.cbr 6.6 MB
2000AD 1517b (Prog 2007) The 86'ers-Walking To Eternity.cbr 4.3 MB
2000AD 1544-1549 The 86er's-Grendel.cbr 15.3 MB
2000AD 1625-1630 The 86er's-Under Pressure.cbr 16.3 MB!.cbr's_Son.cbr's_Coachman.cbr's-Touchdown.cbr's-Interference.cbr'ers-Walking_To_Eternity.cbr's-Grendel.cbr's-Under_Pressure.cbr!.cbr's_Son.cbr's_Coachman.cbr's-Touchdown.cbr's-Interference.cbr'ers-Walking_To_Eternity.cbr's-Grendel.cbr's-Under_Pressure.cbr

oR Pack :

2000AD 0700 ScanCard 1 - Rogue Trooper (Hydrocardiac).cbr 359.8 kB
Rogue Trooper (1987.Games Workshop).pdf 146.9 MB
Rogue Trooper - Action Special (1996).cbr 139.3 MB
Rogue Trooper - The Poster Prog 001 (The Baron).cbr 12.6 MB
Rogue Trooper - The War Machine.cbr 39.8 MB
Rogue Trooper 01--stories by Finley-Day - Gibbons.cbr 16.1 MB
Rogue Trooper 02--stories by Finley-Day - various.cbr 55.2 MB
Rogue Trooper 03--All Hell on the DIX-1 Front by Finley-Day - Ewins-Kennedy-Wilson.cbr 31.5 MB
Rogue Trooper 04--stories by Finley-Day - Kennedy.cbr 7.0 MB
Rogue Trooper 05--Marauders by Finley-Day - Wilson.cbr 12.8 MB
Rogue Trooper 06--Fort Neuro by Finley-Day - Ewins-Kennedy.cbr 40.9 MB
Rogue Trooper 07--stories by Finley-Day - various.cbr 35.3 MB
Rogue Trooper 08--From Hell to Eternity by Finley-Day - Ewins.cbr 10.4 MB
Rogue Trooper 09--stories by Finley-Day - various.cbr 26.7 MB
Rogue Trooper 10--You Only Die Twice by Finley-Day - Kennedy.cbr 17.0 MB
Rogue Trooper 11--Message from Milli-Com by Finley-Day - Kennedy.cbr 10.5 MB
Rogue Trooper 12--stories by Finley-Day - various.cbr 12.5 MB
Rogue Trooper 13--To the Ends of Nu Earth by Finley-Day - Kennedy.cbr 7.2 MB
Rogue Trooper 14--Re-Gene by Finley-Day - Kennedy.cbr 9.9 MB
Rogue Trooper 15--Antigen of Horst by Finley-Day - Ortiz.cbr 31.3 MB
Rogue Trooper 16--Return to Milli-Com by Finley-Day - Ortiz.cbr 9.8 MB
Rogue Trooper Action Special (1996) (The Baron).cbr 26.5 MB
Rogue Trooper Annual 1991 (The Baron).cbr 37.9 MB
Rogue Trooper Book 1.cbr 17.8 MB
Rogue Trooper Book 2.cbr 18.0 MB
Rogue Trooper Book 3 (Eggie-Dcp).cbr 23.6 MB
Rogue Trooper Book 4 (Eggie-Dcp).cbr 21.6 MB
Rogue Trooper Missing Issues 1 (Eggie-Dcp).cbr 14.9 MB
Rogue Trooper Missing Issues 2 (Eggie-Dcp).cbr 23.4 MB
Rogue Trooper Missing Issues 3 Cinnabar (Eggie-Dcp).cbr 19.5 MB
Rogue Trooper Series 3 Book 1 by Rennie-various.cbr 41.7 MB
Rogue Trooper Series 3 Book 2--Angels by Rennie-Coleby.cbr 2.1 MB
Rogue Trooper Series 3 Book 3--Ghouls by Rennie-Johnson-Collins-Roach.cbr 18.9 MB
Rogue Trooper Series 3 Book 4--Realpolitik by Rennie-Holden.cbr 13.2 MB
Rogue Trooper Special (Eggie).cbr 1.6 MB
Rogue Trooper--Remembrance Day by Tomlinson-Gibbons.cbr 4.3 MB
Rogue Trooper.cbr 42.8 MB

Rogue Trooper (001-004i +TPB)(2014)(digital-Empire)
Rogue Trooper - Last Man Standing (2014) (Digital) (DR & Quinch-Empire).cbr 134.3 MB
Rogue Trooper 001 (2014) (Digital) (Cypher-Empire).cbr 23.6 MB
Rogue Trooper 002 (2014) (Digital) (Cypher-Empire).cbr 23.7 MB
Rogue Trooper 003 (2014) (Digital) (Cypher-Empire).cbr 23.7 MB
Rogue Trooper 004 (2014) (Digital) (Cypher-Empire).cbr 23.7 MB

Rogue Trooper (Quality Comics-Color Reprints) (001-013)(1986-1987)
Rogue Trooper 01.cbr 15.8 MB
Rogue Trooper 02.cbr 17.0 MB
Rogue Trooper 03.cbr 16.1 MB
Rogue Trooper 04.cbr 19.3 MB
Rogue Trooper 05.cbr 17.0 MB
Rogue Trooper 06.cbr 26.4 MB
Rogue Trooper 07.cbr 17.5 MB
Rogue Trooper 08.cbr 16.6 MB
Rogue Trooper 09.cbr 18.7 MB
Rogue Trooper 10.cbr 18.7 MB
Rogue Trooper 11.cbr 19.0 MB
Rogue Trooper 12.cbr 18.3 MB
Rogue Trooper 13.cbr 19.6 MB
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