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Crime Does Not Pay Archives (v01-v03) (2012) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : Crime Does Not Pay Archives v01: Uncut and uncensored, the infamous precode Crime Does Not Pay comics are finally collected into a series of archival collections! With brutal, realistic tales focusing on vile criminals, Crime Does Not Pay was one of the most popular comics of the 1940s. The series was a favorite target of Dr. Fredric Wertham and other censors and is partially responsible for the creation of the stifling Comics Code Authority. Now revered and mythic, this collection of the first four hardtofind Crime Does Not Pay comics features a fine roster of Golden Age creators and a new introduction by Matt Fraction (Iron Man, Casanova)!

Size : 1.09 GB

Crime Does Not Pay Archives v01 (2012) (digital) (Son of Ultron II-Empire).cbr 402.81 MB
Crime Does Not Pay Archives v02 (2012) (digital) (Son of Ultron II-Empire).cbr 388.53 MB
Crime Does Not Pay Archives v03 (2012) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire).cbr 328.38 MB

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