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Extreme Justice (000-018) (1994-1996) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : This wing of the Justice League were willing to do whatever it took to ensure justice was achieved. Team included the likes of Maxima, Booster Gold and Firestorm and was led by Captain Atom. Many fans felt this title was an example of pandering to the darker trends of the day that had led to bigger sales for other companies, such as lighthearted character Booster Gold being depicted in heavy armor and Blue Beetle being drawn to resemble Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man.

DC launched an "edgier" Justice League in Extreme Justice, an ongoing series written by Dan Vado and drawn by Marc Campos.

As Captain Atom grew unhappy with the direction of the League in the wake of his fellow hero Ice's death, he formed his own team with the help of villain turned heroine Maxima, fledgling crime fighter Amazing Man, Blue Beetle, and a newly armored version of Booster Gold. Despite the additions of Firestorm and the Wonder Twins, the title only lasted upto issue #18, going through several creative teams in the process.

Size : 760.81 MB

Extreme Justice, 1994-11-00 (#00) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 42.43 MB
Extreme Justice, 1994-12-00 (#01) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 40.63 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-01-00 (#02) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 44.55 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-02-00 (#03) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 40.97 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-03-00 (#04) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 36.96 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-04-00 (#05) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 41.83 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-05-00 (#06) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 40.45 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-06-00 (#07) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 41.59 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-07-00 (#08) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 42.28 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-08-00 (#09) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 43.5 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-09-00 (#10) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 38.48 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-10-00 (#11) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 37.7 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-11-00 (#12) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 38.05 MB
Extreme Justice, 1995-12-00 (#13) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 37.35 MB
Extreme Justice, 1996-01-00 (#14) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 38.24 MB
Extreme Justice, 1996-02-00 (#15) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 39.13 MB
Extreme Justice, 1996-03-00 (#16) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 35.54 MB
Extreme Justice, 1996-04-00 (#17) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 36.93 MB
Extreme Justice, 1996-05-00 (#18) (digital) (Glorith-Novus-HD).cbz 44.2 MB

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