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The Kaurava Empire (v1-v2) (Campfire 2014-2015) (Lila108)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : vol 1: In war there are no rules... Civil war strikes at the heart of the greatest empire the universe has ever known; a civil war that tears families and nations apart, pitting cousin against cousin and friend against friend. Two teenage warriors find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. For the Pandavas, we have Abhimanyu, son of the great Arjuna, and for the Kauravas we have Durmashana, son of Dusasana. Abhimanyu already has a fearsome reputation as a mighty warrior, and Durmashana is anxious to build a reputation of his own by slaying the Pandava Prince. When the Kauravas unleash the unstoppable Chakravyuha on their enemies, only Abhimanyu can save his family from total annihilation, but to do this he will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

vol 2: Ashwatthama, a man of peace and a man of war. A man torn between his love of two great families in the greatest civil war the universe has ever known. A man who does all he can to avoid war, but in the end, a man who fires the final shot. A man whose quest to avenge the death of his father costs him his very humanity. Cursed to wander the universe forever, friendless and alone, this is the story of the Vengeance of Ashwatthama!

Size : 303.7 MB

The Kaurava Empire vol 1 (Campfire 2014) (Lila108).cbr 94.17 MB
The Kaurava Empire vol 2 (Campfire 2015) (Lila108).cbr 209.53 MB

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