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Graduate (001-004) (2015-2016) (digital-Empire)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : Does having great power always have to mean accepting great responsibility? Natalie Worthy wants to be normal, but when the rest of the world finds out that she is invincible, her privacy and her sanity may be lost to her forever!

Meet Natalie Worthy. Natalie is a member of the first graduating class of a new school for superheroes. In an attempt to drum up publicity for the school. the owners decide to fly their graduating class out to a remote location for an elaborate ceremony. Unfortunately, the plane is attacked by a mysterious man who can become living lightning. Natalie survives the attack and the resulting plane crash due to her invincibility, and is left with a choice: Escape her destiny, or fulfill it.

Published by Overground Comics.

Size : 83.52 MB

Graduate 001 (2015) (Digital-Empire).cbr 21.37 MB
Graduate 002 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr 22.93 MB
Graduate 003 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr 19.47 MB
Graduate 004 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr 19.76 MB

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