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MOME Vol. (01-10) (2005-2007) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : MOME Vol. 1

This series is rated Adults Only
DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality
Every "period" in modern comics history has had its anthology that tapped into the zeitgeist and foreshadowed a new "generation" of cartoonists (Zap in the '60s; Arcade in the '70s; RAW and Weirdo in the '80s, etc.). For the new millennium, there is MOME. This accessible, reasonably priced quarterly book will run approximately 136 pages per volume and spotlight a regular cast of a dozen of today's most exciting cartoonists. Designed by acclaimed designer and cartoonist Jordan Crane, MOME will feature an iconic design and consistent format that should quickly establish the anthology as the most distinctive and accessible anthology of literary comics available.

Size : 1.3 GB

MOME Vol. 01 - Summer 2005 (2005) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples).cbr 155.7 MB
MOME Vol. 02 - Fall 2005 (2005) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples).cbr 123.7 MB
MOME Vol. 03 - Winter 2006 (2006) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples).cbr 142.1 MB
MOME Vol. 04 - Spring-Summer 2006 (2006) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples).cbr 150.0 MB
MOME Vol. 05 - Fall 2006 (2006) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples).cbr 118.6 MB
MOME Vol. 06 - Winter 2007 (2006) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples).cbr 144.4 MB
MOME Vol. 07 - Spring 2007 (2007) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples).cbr 90.9 MB
MOME Vol. 08 - Summer 2007 (2007) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples).cbr 125.4 MB
MOME Vol. 09 - Fall 2007 (2007) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples).cbr 130.5 MB
MOME Vol. 10 - Winter-Spring 2008 (2007) (digital) (Minutemen-BadApples).cbr 106.3 MB

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